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Winnipeg, Kenora, Toronto, Regina, Saskatoon

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PermaRail Winnipeg, a division of the PermaCorp Group of Companies provides various manufacturing and installation services in the Winnipeg, Kenora, Regina, Saskatoon and Toronto area.

PermaRail just completed a Condo project in Winnipeg. Find out the details here.

For a full description of products, services, and projects visit PermaRail.

Products and services include:

  • Exterior deck railings: glass, picket, post & glass and custom design
  • Privacy glass railing - 5-8ft tall
  • Wind wall railings - 5-8ft tall
  • Railings for concrete steps
  • Railings around hot tubs or pools
  • Aluminum fences
  • Aluminum staircases (spiral and straight)
  • Stainless steel cable railings
  • Aluminum gates
  • Decorative metal screens
  • Apartment balcony railings & condo balcony railings
  • Interior apartment railings
  • Fully welded
  • Maintenance free
  • In house powder coating

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